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Always Bet on the Garnet and Black
USC TICKETS - A Hot Commodity

Williams-Brice seats over 82,000 rabid college football fans on any given Saturday. Ticket prices have continued to climb from season to season and are quickly approaching $30 a seat. Yet, every game is sold out before August. What's going on here?

When the Gamecocks were 1-10 and 0-11, seats were much easier to come by. But would you really call those days, "the good ole days." Nah, these days are surely the best in Carolina football history. Back to back winning seasons, bowl victories, top 20 rankings, Conference Championship hopes.

The Cocks have proven that they are going to be contenders from year to year in the SEC. From doormat to legitimate contender in just over two years. What a turnaround!!

With Lou Holtz on the sidelines and a solid performance on both sides of the ball, the University has put a quality product on the field and the fans are coming in droves to see it. Is stadium expansion the answer?? I'm sure fans on season ticket waiting lists will be happy if more seats are added, but the demand will remain strong for individual game tickets. Gamecock fans are even travelling more to places like Knoxville, Nashville, Athens, and Gainesville.

With the advent of eBay and ticket brokers, you can expect to see 10,000 travelling Gamecock fans at opposing sites. It's truly an amazing thing. Good luck to the Cocks this year and good luck to the stadium enginners this offseason - we're going to need the seats!!!
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