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Simplify code
To the editor:

I couldn't agree more with your recent editorial in favor of tax code simplification. My tax situation is not terribly different from that of many Nevadans, and it currently takes team of accountants weeks to prepare the correct paperwork. Something has to change.

I moved to Nevada from California and started a new job where I work from a home office. Simple enough, right? Wrong. That's two jobs -- two W-2 Forms, plus a moving expense deduction, plus I have to calculate what percentage of my home is used for work purposes and deduct that percentage from my rent, mileage expenses, home equity interest, stock gains and losses, rental income from an out-of-state home less repairs, etc., etc.

The tax code has been polluted by politicians over time and needs to be fixed. Presidential candidate Steve Forbes proposed the flat tax and won most of his support by advocating simplicity and fairness in taxation. Americans are ready for change. Who can blame taxpayers for feeling that Washington is out of touch with America when lawmakers continue to play politics with our checkbooks?

I know a postcard-sized tax return is probably not in the near future, but I encourage our state delegation to propose changes that simplify rather than convolute our tax code.