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Thank you for visiting Bet on the Garnet and Black. Feel free to Add to this guestbook we are keeping!
While I believe that the University of South Carolina (sorry, but USC still stands for Southern Cal.) people are extremely freaky in their religious love of their football team, congratulations on your president standing his ground against PETA.
Bubba <>
Charlotte, NC USA -
Great Info .... Great Site. Go Cockes !
GboCock <>
Greensboro, NC US -
Good board. The only comment is I had to scroll way down to find any postings other than requests for tickets. It would be nice to have a separate board for those requests.
TnGatorman <>
Elizabethton, TN USA -
Can we add an employment search to this board? I need a job!
Keith Grabiec <>
North Olmsted, o USA -
great job! it's nice to see someone finally trying to help the poor people get tickets. Go Cocks and God Bless!
Tony B. Gonce <>
Ninety Six, sc USA -
Like the new stuff Mark. Lots of talk about cocks though.
Earwig <>
Santa Barbara, Ca USA -
Glad I could join you Gamecock fans. Hope all is well with each of you. Bye for now. Freddie.B.Haynes
Freddie.B.Haynes <>
Marion , NC USA -
I am sure glad we could all get together again. Like back in the old days. With Aunt Bee, Opie, Gomer, and Andy. Good wholesome fun...and lots of cocks of course. If you need me, I am still living in the van down by the river. Maybe I should get an opare job...
North Olmsted, OH USA -
thanks for the invatation
henry baird <>
columbia, sc USA -
I am Mark's baby brother. This site rocks and does not make me horny like so many others have mentioned. I believe there are a lot of sex-crazed maniacs that visit this site but I am not one them. I am a Gamecock fanatic. GO COCKS!!!!
DLittle <>
Columbia, SC USA -
This site reminds me of the last bottle of Jack that I bought. Not quite finished, but kicking my ass.
Q-tip <>
Santa Barbara, USA -
You look like a worthy competitor. I anticipate a tough contest in the next election.
George W. Bush <>
Washington, DC USA -
Mark, I love what you have done with the site...nothing. It is perfect the way it is. Except that it is still not Netscape friendly. I guess our friends in the Turkish prison won't be able to view it then. I do have to say that I am surprised at the plethora of posts since my last post. This site has really caught on! What is it 3 posts? This is great! By the way Trust Jesus...he's 21 1/2 points since close yesterday. I bought him at 12! I guess I am off to buy a flying boat now. Peace to all that I haven't talked to in awhile...Claire, Rach, Eva, and that crazy Australian girl:) I hope all bodes well for you! Keith-10/14/00
North olmsted, OH USA -
I love you, pumpkin head. Your site really sucks, but I have to agree with Claire, it does kind of make me horney. How's the skiing in Santa Barbara? Do you still have a big nose? Happy 30th birthday. My dogs are hungry and their toast is almost ready. Rock on, tiny Elvis...
Matt O'Neal <>
Port Orchard, WA USA -
not much to say,dont know what to say x-cept......... jesus loves you!! and god bless!!
samantha <>
lorain, oh USA -
I like the changes, but what happend to the club?? - When is the next meeting?? - oh by the way it still makes me horny!! C
Umm, this site isn't Netscape friendly. You had better work on that. I keep turning these dials on my computer and it draws funny lines. Every time I turn it upside down to refresh, the screen goes blank. WAIT, this isn't my laptop, it's an Etch-A-Sketch! Damn those little green men...always trinking me. Time for another drink. -Keith 2/10/2000
Keith <>
Westlake, Oh USA -
Wow, great site! I like the logo! Keep up the good work and watch out for earthquakes. Hey, I here that this site makes girls horny... Suggestion: Maybe we should add a "sick" stories section that talks about teens, sex, and small household pets.
Keith G <>
Westlake, Oh USA -
The site makes me a bit horny - Cheers!
Claire Hutchinson <>
Orton, England -
Nice site, Jackass!!!
Ryan <>
Cool site. Just needs to be more attractive!
Curtis Scanson <>
Great site, keep up the good work and the updates.
Renee <>
Katoomba, Australia -
As Mark already said: great site !
Mike <>
Zurich, Switzerland -
Excellent site, although lacking entertainment. Keep up the good work. Its a shame no-one else is interested. Perhapps if you started paying them to look at your site you might see your numbers increase!! Good luck in S.B
Foxy babe
Great site
Mark Little <>