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LETTERS: Feds should stay out of tourism business
To the editor:

The effort by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., to kick-start the U.S. economy by creating a federal office of international tourism is ludicrous.

While an "economic stimulus" bill at this point is probably well-timed, when have we ever seen the government -- especially the federal government -- do a more professional and efficient job than private industry? Sen. Boxer is again looking to create bureaucratic waste in the name of job creation.

Other stimulus proposals have included write-offs for business travel and meal expenses. These ideas, while they only address certain segments of the American public, are certainly more logical than Sen. Boxer's proposal. The president's call for additional tax rebates and accelerated tax rate roll backs is the best idea.

Local and regional tourism boards have promoted Las Vegas and other tourist destinations both nationally and internationally for years. A federal office created simply to create dozens of government jobs and spend $60 million of taxpayer money is not what this economy needs.