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Fan demands
To the editor:

In all the talk about the baseball negotiations between the players and the owners, it seems that yet again the fans have been completely ignored. The owners want mandatory steroid testing, a luxury tax on salaries, and more revenue sharing. The players want a worldwide draft, no cap on earnings potential, and slower, phased-in changes to baseball's economic structure.

Well, as a fan, I have a few demands of my own. Issues that if not met, will result in me striking against Major League Baseball -- both owners and players. I won't attend another game, watch it on television, or read another box score. I'll never buy another team hat, root for another home run record to be broken, or lambaste the DH rule.

My demands are as follows:

-- Ticket prices should immediately be dropped 25 percent -- when a team plays 162 games, you can't charge upwards of $40 for good seats.

-- All major league teams will reduce concessions prices so that a beer and a hot dog bought with a $10 bill results in some change.

-- Atlanta Braves baseball will no longer be beamed into every household in America -- I'd like to see the A's, the Twins, and the Orioles every once in while.

-- And last, but certainly not least, the All Star Game will never ever result in a tie.

Baseball has a long history and as an American, it's hard not to be a fan. But greed and stupidity may ruin the great American pastime and if both sides don't wake up, I'm outta here.