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Always Bet on the Garnet and Black
USC TICKETS - A Hot Commodity

Are you ready?

Kalimba Edwards? Gone. Phil Petty? Gone. Derek Watson? Gone. The list goes on and on. The 2001 Gamecock team was a great one and many of the stars of last season are in the NFL this year or trying to make a pro career overseas.

This year's club has some question marks. But they also have enormous potential. Corey Jenkins will be one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the country this season. If he can scurry around the field like he did at times last year and mix in an accurante pass or two -- watch out!

Andrew Pinnock is a bruiser. Plain and simple. He brings to the table what every SEC school needs...muscle and lots of it in the backfield. Derek Watson was a dancer. At times he showed signs of greatness but more times than not he lacked the consistency that the USC running game needs. Ryan Brewer is the feistiest little back I've seen in a long while. He'll play any position you ask him to - he just wants to move the ball up the field.

The defense lacked some consistency last year as well. The Cocks looked awesome at times in wins over Georgia and a close game at Tennessee but were then embarassed by Florida and Alabama at home. Thank God the offense never quit.

It's going to be a fantastic season with lots of excitement and questions to be answered. Tough games at Virginia, LSU and Florida await. Will we knock off Georgia for the third straight year? Is it our turn against the Vols? What will be at stake in November in Death Valley?

I'm ready, are you!?!?!
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